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History of cat advertisements: 21 ads from 1890 to 2013

Cats has been in ads as long there has been print marketing. 1917 they used the cats to  recruit soldiers, 1950′s cat was driving a Corvette, 1970′s and 2013 cats advertised booze. So here is a picture gallery for the years 1890 to 2013.

Thanks to Xeniya for tips :)

Cats in ads: 15 amazing commercial videos starring cats

Put a cat in your commercial and you will have a thousand times better change to go viral! Check these amazing videos where the star is a cat.

Cats in AdsWe in Cat Marketing Consulting try to wake up marketers to understand the power of cats. So we collected 15 commercials where companies have understood this opportunity to use cats as a tool for sell their items.

Notice: In the bottom of this article you can find all YouTube videos as one playlist, so you can skip directly to there if you want (just remember to watch number 11 here).

15. Let’s start with obvious commercial: cat food! Yeah, big cat food manufactures uses cats in ads. Humans, remember to turn off the microphone when talking to a cat!

14. Men are women’s pets! Or how men behave when they are cats.

13. In this video use your finger. And be ready to feel the tongue!

12. “A class of Crusha, lalalaa. I want some Crusha.” This tune is so catching.

11. When cowboys are herding cats so are them then catboys? (Super Bowl 2000 ad)

10. I have no idea that they are selling here, but there is a one fat cat dancing!

9. Kittens doing some work. And there is a fish vending machine!

8. This is awful ad. Killing a cat in commercial?! Ford, what were you thinking?

7. Kia is not killing cats :3 In this video cat will show who is the boss!

6. Some nuts and the Keyboard cat.

5. Human and a giant litter box. “Why he is not pooping?”

4. Remember that there is only one planet Earth. Norman cat the Eco-Warrior makes the difference!

3. If cat would have reversible thumbs… They would be the masters of universe!

2. How to brainwash humans, especially milkmen.

1. Surprise, I killed the cat!

And here is all YouTube videos as playlist!

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