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Hardcore metal musicians love cats!

Metal CatsWhen you hear from backstage of metal bands gig “Pussy, pussy, my pussy..”, you might think something dirty. But it is just a band member calling his cat.

New book Metal Cats combines the extreme personalities of the hardcore metal music scene and their adorable kitties. Cat owners are from bands like Black Goat, Thrones, Isis, Lightning Swords of Death, Book of Black Earth, Skarp, Harassor, Akimbo, Aldebaran, Atriarch, Oak, Ghoul, Ludicra, Holy Grail, Xasthur, Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct, Exhumed, Morbid Angel, Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Gypsyhawk, Nausea, Phobia, and Napalm Death.

Yeah, meow!

Metal Cats

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