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Reppana in our memories

ReppanaSometimes the Master of Cat Universe decides, that the brightest cat stars time is up here in the Earth and calls him/her to the Cat Heaven. This time it was Reppana’s time to leave us. We are sad, however Reppana is now in the Cat Heaven and Master of Cat Universe is fulfilling all the Reppana’s needs.

- There is hundred human servants who have beards. Reppana loves to rub himself against the beards.
- There is two hundred humans who have baggy clothes. Reppana can climb up in clothes and find warmer place whenever he wants to.
- There is three hundred humans standing, so Reppana can choose the best shoulders to have a view to the Cat Universe and all the loved ones here in Earth.

Reppana was 13 years old when he left us. We miss you <3